Update: Multiple currency support + API + MetaMask UI fixes

Jun 22, 2022

Hey everyone, firstly; thank you all for your feedback and support! Our user base is growing rapidly; almost 200 KuPay accounts were created in the last 2 weeks! 🙏 Thank you for that!

The last 2 weeks we’ve worked hard behind the scenes to make some big adjustments to our products and fix some bugs reported by you. Here we go:

  • Multiple currencies to choose from, when donating or paying someone via their bank account
  • Transaction explorer links shown after making a payment
  • New generic API info added in admin panel (under Settings > Integrations)
  • A new flow that makes all our products work better with MetaMask when you change networks or accounts. No more fighting between MetaMask and our user interface.

More soon!

— —

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